Fuel for Father's Day


Fuel for Father's Day

Church Resources

Thank you for participating in Fuel for Father’s Day!


Here you can download all the resources you’ll need to run MAF’s Fuel for Father’s Day at your church. Download only what you need or press the big red download button to get everything all at once!

Main Video: Please download and play this video for your congregation

That’s what it takes to be a MAF MAN!

Colin Buchanan joins MAF Australia in a new song celebrating the Dad’s that serve with MAF.

Short Promotional Video

For use as a teaser in the weeks leading up to the event

Videos from previous years

If you’d like to promote the selling of your Father’s Day cards over a longer period, you can use these videos to help promote the cause.

Father’s Day 2018 – Our Dad joke support group

Father’s Day 2017 – Dad Joke Off

Father’s Day 2016 – Dad Jokes

Father’s Day 2016 – My Dad is a MAF Man Song

Printable Resources

Here are a few posters and print resources, if you’d like to promote the selling of your Father’s Day cards around the church

A2 Posters

A3 Poster

Newsletter Ad

Price list – A-frame

Social Media Resources

If you’re looking for ways to promote your Father’s Day card sale on social media, here are a few images that might help!

Carousel Post

Social Media Tiles

Church Facebook Page Cover Photo

Other Resources

PowerPoint Slide

Church Pack Instructions

Church Pack Instructional Video

Jerrycan Card Sign-up Sheet

Fuel Good Morning Tea Instructional Video

MAF MAN Song Music and Lead Sheet

If you’d like more information about how to get your church or organisation involved, please contact us:

Buy a Jerry Can

Give the gift of fuel this father’s day.

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